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Candy Making Machinery for Sale

Machines for candy factory

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  • Buhler complete factory to make Flake extruded cereals

  • Haas 64 plate wafer line year 1994 model SWAK 64

  • Mafrigarlo year 2015 unused potato chips line

  • Aquarius F600 form & wrapping flat lollipop machine

  • Acma 2001 FS cut & stickpack machine

  • Rose flat lollipop cut & wrapp machine

  • Bauermeister BR 51 EH cocoa beans winnowner

  • Aasted Nielsen Cereal Energetic bars complete line year 2017 and installed in 2018

  • Eclair french cakes complete year 2016 line

  • Bosch and Aquarius ball lollipop complete year 2001 line

  • 2 Complete chocolate Ball Mill systems Packint year 2001

  • Volpak S130D horizontal form fill & seall machine

  • Otto Hansel HPU chocolate ball bombon double twist wrapper

  • Haas Hollow cigar wafer line EWB2

  • Bepex Hutt Toffee extruder GP200-600

  • Sapal BN-F chocolate wrapping machine

  • Schib Co 100 BB horizontal blood bag wrapping machine year 2015

  • 2 Wiener Wienoto C40 chocolate ball mills