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  • Rasch chocolate heart shape bunch wrapper

  • 2 Nuova Fima single twist bonbon wrappers model T012 260 units minute

  • Sapal BL B chocolate bonbon wrapper in bunch style

  • 2 MC Boero single twist bonbon wrappers

  • Carle & Montanari CMY 55 double twist candy wrapper

  • 3 Ulma K5 ball lollipop bunch wrappers

  • Pac Tec MCH 1200 units minute double twist and top twist chocolate and jelly wrapper year 2017

  • Nagema EL9 double twist hard candy wrapper

  • Various Rasch bunch chocolate wrappers models RU RUE and RUL

  • 2 Rasch RU chocolate bunch wrappers

  • Ulma V2 double paper Napolitan wrapper

  • Ulma M.A chocolate double paper tablet wrapper

  • Dominici chocolate Coin wrapper

  • Brand new ball lollipop double twist wrappers up to 700 units minute

  • 2 x CWL 600 Carugil ball lollipop wrappers

  • 4 Aquarius Bu300 ball lollipop bunch wrappers

  • Otto Hansel HPU chocolate ball bombon double twist wrapper

  • Sapal BN-F chocolate wrapping machine